Three Part Half-Square Triangles the Wonder Cut Ruler Way!

You have already seen how easy it is to make half-square triangles using the Wonder Cut Ruler, now let us show you how easy it is to make Three Part Half-Square Triangles.

Again, I've got lots of pictures here for you to look at, so please be patient while the pictures load.   

Ready?  Let's get started.

1)  Begin by selecting three fabrics.  From these three fabrics, choose which fabric will make up 1/2 of the half-square triangle.  The other two fabrics will each make 1/2 of a half-square triangle.

2) Align the Wonder Cut Ruler with the fabric you have chosen to make 1/2 of the half-square triangle.   Cut your first strip of fabric.

3) Align the two remaining fabrics with the Wonder Cut Ruler and cut your second and third strips of fabric.  Sew these two fabric together with a 1/4" seam down on side.  Press seam open.

4) Square up one edge of these two strips.

5) Begin cutting these two strips into squares.  Assembly-line sew these squares together to make a long strip.  Press seams open.  Lay this assembled strip and the first strip that you cut right sides together.  Sew a 1/4" seam down both long sides to make a fabric tube. Again, this sample is sewn with a contrasting thread so that you can see the stitches.  We recommend using a neutral or matching thread.

6) Align the Wonder Cut Ruler with the bottom edge of the fabric. Make sure that the center seam aligns with the perpendicular line of the ruler.  Make your first cut.

7) Make the second cut.

8) Slide the ruler along the strip of fabric and continuing cutting.  You'll notice when you make your next two cuts, you'll actually be cutting 2 three part half-square triangles at one time.


Take a moment to trim your "tails".  Gently press the seams to one side.

There you have it!  Wonder Cut three part half-square triangles!

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