Pioneer Braid - The Wonder Cut Triangle Way

Here's a free pattern to use with the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler.  It's fun, it's easy, and a "wonder"ful way to use up scraps.  This quilt can be made any size which makes it really versatile.  My thanks to mgt for her help in test driving this pattern!  Lots of pictures for you to look at.  We'll walk you through every step of the way. 

Pioneer Braid - The Wonder Cut Triangle Way

Here is Helen, Annie, Ann, and Betty (Queenie) showing off their quilts
at our Spring, 2005 Wonder Cut Ruler Retreat.

Take a peek at mgt's quilt by clicking here.
Check out mom's quilt by clicking here.

Tools of the Trade
Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler
Rotary Cutter & Mat
Fabric scraps that are at least 3-1/2" wide - the longer the strip, the more pieces you can cut from a strip

Ready?  Here we go!

1) Using the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler, cut strips on the "2" line by width of fabric. 

Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler

2) Turn the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler to the side.  Line up your fabric on the "4-1/2" line.  Make one cut.

Turn ruler to the side      Make one cut.

3) Cut along opposite side.

4) Turn strip of fabric over and line up on cut side and continue cutting down remainder of strip.  You may stack your strips and cut as many pieces at a time as you are comfortable with.


5)  Now that you have your pieces cut, let's put them together.  Put two pieces right sides together with a 1/4" seam as shown.

Building the Braid   

6)  Continue adding pieces to the top of each row as shown.


7)  One of the great things about this quilt is that you can make it any size.  I've done my samples in rows of 5.  You can change how this quilt looks by making one row in lights and the next row in darks.  To ease putting the rows together, alternate the pressing direction (i.e. press one row up and the next row down). 

8)  When you have assembled your rows to make your quilt center, square your center and add borders.  I like to set mine with a smaller inside border, followed by a larger outside border.

Useful Information

    From one fat quarter, you can cut 20 units
    9 units from a strip cut WOF
    A quilt set 8 rows across and 35 units down (280 units) will yield a quilt top 50" x 50"

Thanks again mgt!  You are a doll!  - Deb

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