Wonder Cut Ruler

What makes the Wonder Cut Ruler so different?
The answer is simple.  It's a method we call "pre-sewing."  It's reverse of the method most rulers use.  You sew first, and then cut.

Here is a picture of the Wonder Cut Ruler.  You'll notice one side of the ruler is labeled "Cut along this edge".
                                                                   right here

This edge is where you will cut your fabric with your rotary cutter.  The long lines of the ruler indicate the unfinished size of your half-square triangle and the width you need to cut your fabric.

IMPORTANT:  Before you start, you need to know this:  If you cut your strips on the straight grain of the fabric, your finished half-square triangle edges will be on the bias.  If you start with your strips cut on the bias, your finished half-square triangle edges will not be on the bias.

Ready?  Here we go ...  Lots of pictures for you to look at.

1)  Using the long cutting lines (horizontal lines), cut the desired size for your unfinished half-square triangle from two fabrics.

2) Lay the two strips right sides together.

3) Sew both long sides of the fabric strips together with a 1/4" seam.  You will be making a "tube" of fabric.  The sample shown below is sewn with red thread so that you can see the stitches in the picture.  For best results, we recommend a neutral or matching thread.

4) Using the diagonal lines of the ruler, lay the line for the desired size of the unfinished half-square triangle along one long edge of fabric.

5) Cut along both edges of the ruler.

6) Turn the fabric tube over and align the ruler with the edge of the fabric and make one cut.

You have now made two half-square triangles!  :)

Continue this process down the length of the fabric tube.  Take a moment to trim your fabric "tails" and then gently press the seams to the darker fabric.

There you have it!  Wonder Cut half-square triangles!

The fun is just beginning.  With the Wonder Cut Ruler, making three part half-square triangles is a snap.  Feeling adventurous?  Check out Three Part Half-Square Triangles .

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