Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler
designed by Walter Times Two - (that's mom & me!)

Just what is the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler?
We've been at the drawing board again and this time, we've come up with the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler.  We believe there is no other ruler on the market like this one. We took the basic principles of the Wonder Cut Ruler and created a ruler that makes triangles and more!    

Like making fancy borders on quilts, but don't like the time it takes to make them?  Then the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler is just the ticket for you.


This ruler also is great for making the traditional "Thousand Pyramids" quilt in half the time as other rulers.  

How the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler came to be ...
Mom and I have been playing around with this ruler design off and on for the past couple of years.  We knew it could be done, but just what could you make with it?  Take a look at some of the exciting new quilts we've made with the Wonder Cut Triangle Quilt Gallery and see just what we mean!  

How does this ruler work ...
Exactly the same way as the original Wonder Cut Ruler.  We used the same pre-sewing method by cutting strips and sewing them into tubes, only this time, the angles created are 60 degrees opening the door for all sorts of combinations.  

How you can own your own Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler ...

The Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler sells for $20.50 (US$) plus shipping ($4.50 for shipping).  Idaho residents must add 6% sales tax.  The Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler can be ordered by sending a check or money order to:  

    Alice Walter
    Walter Times Two
    1020 E. 17th Street
    Burley, ID  83318

    or by contacting:

We also glady accept Paypal Orders.  For information on how to use Paypal, click here.

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